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078: How a Loving God Uses Suffering to Perfect Us with Paul Chaloux

Nov 17 2021 Length: 30 mins Audible Podcast

"Wow, what a deep treatment of an important topic! This is a great book. Probably the best part is Chaloux's own witness. He shares some of his own life and health struggles at the beginning and it gives the whole book such authenticity. That spirit carries through the book. I would highly recommend this read to anyone who is struggling to know God's love in the midst of hardship---or who knows someone who is. So basically, everyone." -- Beth's review on Goodreads 

"This book may truly change your view and understanding of suffering and the problem of evil. While the book was richly theological, it remained easily readable and accessible to the more casual reader--a difficult and impressive achievement alone. The content is unequivocally Catholic in perspective, though people of many Christian denominations and faith perspectives will likely find it helpful and spiritually nourishing. The book nicely analyzes suffering in context of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, works of theologians like Augustine, and Catholic doctrine and practice as a whole. It provides a new perspective on the dynamics, meaning, and experience of the suffering we all experience in life. It is a truly refreshing and reorienting work. Wonderful work!! I hope to see Dr. Chaloux write more books like this in the future!"-  anonymous Amazon reader's review

Paul Chaloux

Theologian and Author of Why All People Suffer And Dying without Fear

Hi, I am Paul Chaloux, theologian at The Catholic University of America, and author of Why All People Suffer, published by Sophia Institute Press in April 2021 and Dying Without Fear, due out on June 20, 2023.  This website is dedicated to my journey from  IBM engineer and strategist to becoming a moral theologian.  It includes all the interviews I have done in support of Why All People Suffer and articles and blog posts I have generated on the topic of suffering over the last year.


It was my first website and I decided to keep it alive as my author site when, with help from Christine Arata, I developed a new book site,  which is focused on the theol0gical aspects of my work on suffering, separating the personal from the technical.  I expect people to come here to judge my credibility as a theologian on suffering and to the book website to better understand my work.   

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